When we have a floor badly damaged and free of scratches, holes, open joints, stains etc.

1. We work the ground with heavy machinery provided with traditional abrasive grains or diamond in 60 cooled with water to avoid generating dust.
2. We will caulking joints and holes with putty color pavement.
3. After successive passes will make grinding grain 100, 220 and 400.

An optimum finish would be a granulometry 400, the higher the number, the grain is thinner and eliminates stripes leaving the above.



The crystallized is to return to the pavement brightness that was the first day, as long as the pavement is not too damaged, if any we should fix in advance crystallized.

1. We will protect the furniture, door frames, etc. with tape and paper to avoid splashing the liquid crystallizer.
2. Crystallizing machine provided with a white pad or steel wool smooth No.1 apply the liquid crystallizer giving passes to obtain the desired result.

A well crystallized soil does not slip, what are you slide waxes that give shine but have very short duration.



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