In 1968 our team started out manufacturing abrasives for terrazzo, during these forty years of experience, we have been in contact with customers, making available at all times the necessary material, with the aim of creating the best finish and the higher profit in a market that every day has a greater demand.

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In these four decades, the regularity of the product achieved has been recognized by most manufacturers of terrazzo and, thanks to their collaboration and with the technical expertise of Abrasivos Elche, we have obtained an abrasive product that guarantees performance with no expiration date, which was one of the greatest market demands.

With the continuing interest of being in the vanguard, we expanded the range of products manufactured for marble, granite, natural stone, porcelain, etc. And we did it with the same quality and assurance always, getting a range of abrasives that provide a high return.

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Our gratitude to all our clients and friends that during this time have trust in us and for the future ones, they can be sure they will have all our support in any moment to get the best results, because it would be our greatest pleasure.